Artist's Info

Inspired by a trip to Little Havana in Miami  , Giselle's research and practice began with an interest is diaspora and evolved into concerns about inequality within a system which depends upon the exploitation of others.

She aims to question whether colonialism ever really ended in a system which depends upon the exploitation of the world's natural resources and human labour.

Her work explores how capitalism fractures the human bond, generating a mass of individual consumers glued to digital devices which in turn creates the illusion of connectivity.

Giselle has studied Marc Auge and his theory of the 'Non-Place' versus the 'Anthropological Place,' and developed a theory that on occasion the two merge to create a 'Third Space.' She further illustrates this by merging digital ( immaterial) imagery and traditional mediums such as paint ( material.)

Non-Places are areas which focus on the individual and lack inscriptions of the social bond , such as Miami Financial District or airports. The Anthropological Place contains inscriptions of the social bond , such as communal spaces like Domino Park in Little Havana , where Cuban Americans play dominos together, and is therefore the reverse of the Non-Place , hence the often inverted imagery. 

Giselle is also concerned with growing inequality and the literal manifestation of this architecturally , the contrast between the new and decay, or when global city monuments elevate themselves above the poverty below.  

Her theory is that through street carnival and mass protest , people change spatial rules temporarily : the road is repurposed into a stage for collective action.



Art Works

'Cigar Maker 1': oil and chalk on a discarded table, 2019, H 71 x W 54 x D 41 cm, £445.
'Tabacco Crop': oil and acrylic on wooden table, 2019, H 75 x W 73 x D 38 cm, £195.
'Carnivalesque': digital photographic imagery and acrylic on canvas, 2019, 122 x 91 cm, £595.
''The Tables Have Turned III,'': sculpture , acrylic and oil on MDF, 2019, H 45 x W 61 x L 63 cm. Cigar makers, Brazil, £445.
'Havana Smoker': oil and acrylic on canvas, 2019, 100 x 100 cm, NFS.
'Negative Equity': acrylic, spray paint, and digital imagery on canvas, 121 x 92 cm, £595.
'La Calavera Catrina de Gripe Morbo': oil, spray paint, and digital photographic imagery on canvas, 2020, 150 x 100 cm, £1475.
'Interlude': acrylic, spray paint, and digital imagery on canvas, 2020, H 60 x W 60 x D 4 cm, £195.
''Société Du Connecté.'': Screen print on paper , 2022, 70 x 50 cm, £150.
'Dreamland Welcomes You': screen and monoprint on paper, 2021, 30 x 20 cm image on A3 paper, framed, £95.
'The Third Space (2022)': Acrylic and photographic imagery on board , 50 x 40 cm , framed, £160.
'Margate 2022': Mono Print and screen print on paper , 40 x 30 cm , SOLD


128 Group Show with Sakura Hochegger and Roland Borzelleca, 2018, Brighton University.

128 Group Show with Elizabeth Eade, Billie Laidlaw, 2019, Brighton University.MFA Fine Art Degree show, 2019, Brighton University.

'State of Mind' Exhibition with Mark Walter, Renata Sinclair and Tom Gillham, 2019, Monochrome Gallery, Whitechapel, London.

VIA Art's Prize exhibition, November 2019, Sala Brasil Gallery, Embassy of Brazil, London.

'Genesis', Adam's Gallery, 2020, Reigate, Surrey.

'Makings: Print, Ink & Clay', 2021, Adam's Gallery, Reigate, Surrey.

'Press & Play Festival of Print,' 2022 , The Phoenix Art Space , Brighton. 

'Untold,' Gallery 475 , London , SW6 1HL , 2023 ,Giselle Jones, Lorraine Kordecki, Tomasz Matuszak





Artist Statement

I am interested in pursuing a career as an artist, and I intend to resume my research and practice in a London based studio after I graduate.

I made progress during the MA Fine Art degree, and my ideas are continually evolving, largely as a result of my research.

My goal over the next few years is to carry on to building a portfolio and to exhibit my work as much as possible.

My drive to make art stems from an interest in the current political climate, a sheer love of making art and going to exhibitions, and a deep rooted desire to counter social injustice. I also enjoy the research aspect, which for me is a critical tool in the development of my practice.

Exhibition History

I organised the 'State of Mind' exhibition at the Monochrome Gallery in Whitechapel, London, in which three of my fellow students also took part .

It was the first exhibition I have organised outside of the learning institution, great fun and a massive learning curve !


Brighton University Ma Fine Art 2017 - 2019 : Merit

East Surrey College: September 2013 - February 2014   

PTLS Level 3 (Preparation to Teach in the lifelong Learning Sector): Pass

Goldsmiths College: 1996-1999

Bachelor's Degree: Second Class Honours

Between 1995 and 1996 I spent one year at Plymouth College studying BA Fine Art then transferred to Goldsmiths College.

Professional Development

Bip Art: September 2016 - August 2017

Course in etching

East Side Print: September 2021 - (ongoing)

Course in screenprinting

References available on request.




You can call me on 01306 329022 or 07849 608919, or complete the form below to send me an email.